Easy to use user interface. Advanced authorisation concept. Flexible and user specific recording of all rebates and earnings. Comprehensive representation of all rebate types. Specific rebates for different ranges of goods. Management of advertising subsidies. No limit to the number of rebates per supplier.     

Your benefits:

Increased transparency and structure in your rebate management program

BONSAI enables the management of rebates to be centralized into one single system. The increased transparency allows for the alignment of every supplier agreement with the overall purchasing strategy. BONSAI is also easy to use and its authorisation system allows for restricted access to certain data sets.

With the use of rebate templates, every rebate for every supplier can easily be stored into BONSAI. This enables all rebate details to be readily available at the touch of a button. Rebates can also be edited ,removed and also added, with no limit to the amount of rebates per supplier. Rebates are structured into categories, which enables correct accounting for all rebate earnings.

Our software also automatically calculates retrospective income, reducing the need for tedious manual calculation.