The optimal solution for
rebate management

BONSAI is a comprehensive tried and tested software solution for the management of supplier agreements. BONSAI is able to keep track of the most complicated international rebate structures and supports companies to maximise potential earnings.

Our Software is extremely user friendly, supports the workflow of critical processes and has a wide range of controls and optimization instruments. BONSAI is also quick and easy to integrate into any common ERP system.

Managing the whole rebate and claim program as a closed looped system provides maximum security and control on all aspects of the settlement process.

BONSAI integrates all the essential steps of a rebate management program into one system and therefore is the industry standard software solution for the complete rebate management process.


Supplier negotiation sheet with historical, current and projected data (rebates, turnover, yield, trading agreements). Custom data fields for vendor master data. Intergrated contract generation and status tracking. Complete overview of rebates per supplier.

Your benefits:

Proactive negotiation with suppliers through increased awareness of all rebate earnings

BONSAI aids efficient preparation for the the annual rebate negotiations with suppliers by providing historical, current and projected data on rebate agreements, purchasing levels and earnings. With the help of the readily available transactional data your company can proactively negotiate with suppliers to achieve the best deal possible for your business.

Information about the prices and products as well as trading agreements can easily be accessed for each trading partner or supplier. The agreed terms from the yearly negotiation can also be generated into a document and sent to the suppliers to be counter-signed.



Easy to use user interface. Advanced authorisation concept. Flexible and user specific recording of all rebates and earnings. Comprehensive representation of all rebate types. Specific rebates for different ranges of goods. Management of advertising subsidies. No limit to the number of rebates per supplier.     

Your benefits:

Increased transparency and structure in your rebate management program

BONSAI enables the management of rebates to be centralized into one single system. The increased transparency allows for the alignment of every supplier agreement with the overall purchasing strategy. BONSAI is also easy to use and its authorisation system allows for restricted access to certain data sets.

With the use of rebate templates, every rebate for every supplier can easily be stored into BONSAI. This enables all rebate details to be readily available at the touch of a button. Rebates can also be edited ,removed and also added, with no limit to the amount of rebates per supplier. Rebates are structured into categories, which enables correct accounting for all rebate earnings.

Our software also automatically calculates retrospective income, reducing the need for tedious manual calculation.



Automatic settlement of retrospective income with the suppliers. Multi-currency capability. Integrated creation and posting of invoices. Automatic calculation of current and projected rebate earnings. Settlement of claims throughout the year.

Your Benefits:

Increased liquidity and improved cash flow

Aside from negotiating the rebate terms, claim settlement/management, including the ongoing monitoring of agreed targets with regard to total earnings or earnings increases is a further part of a successful rebate program.

A crucial factor of success is ensuring a company earns the maximum amount from every rebate. By inputting all of the agreed terms of the rebate negotiation into the system, no rebate is forgotten about.

BONSAI greatly reduces the workload for the settlement process by atomizing the whole process. This leaves more time for the essentials: The control and optimization of the rebate system.



Automatic distribution of rebate earnings to members or franchise partners.  Integrated creation and posting of credit notes.  Automatic calculation of current and projected rebate earnings for each member. Distribution of earnings throughout the year.  

Your Benefits:

Comprehensible documentation of rebate earnings for purchasing group members

Alongside settling rebate claims with the suppliers BONSAI also supports the distribution of earnings amongst the members of wholesale, purchasing or retail groups. BONSAI is able to distribute earnings throughout the year and generates comprehensive documentation of the claim settlement.

An audit trail is generated for every claim that is settled with the suppliers as well as for every payment to a member of a purchasing, wholesale or retail group.




Awareness of rebate accruals and supplier payments. Monitoring of rebate thresholds. Forecast for end of year rebate earnings. Analyse rebate earnings elasticity of purchasing volume. Complete history of rebate terms per supplier.  

Your Benefits:

Maximise earning from rebate agreements and ensure reaching set target thresholds

BONSAI continuously calculates the current value of all rebates as well as a trend based forecast for the end of the year. This makes it possible, without further effort, to check which rebates are within the desired target range and to see where there is more earnings potential.

Once the highest rebate scale is exceeded for a certain rebate, there is the potential for prompt renegotiation of the rebate scales with suppliers.



Planning for the next business year. Purchasing volumes, rebates, expected earnings. Continuous target-performance comparison. Simulation capabilities for complex rebate structures. “What-if” analysis on the impact of a supplier change or organizational expansion.       

Your Benefits:

Plan purchasing volume for the upcoming period and simulate rebate outcome

Sales promotional costs, purchasing group member costs and any additional sale costs are added into BONSAI. These can be discussed at the yearly negotiations. By using the simulation tool that BONSAI offers, companies can plan purchasing volumes to work out how to maximise their potential rebate earnings for the next year.

This allows companies to plan their purchasing in advance and to gain insight on the effects that influence rebate earnings. Priorities can then be set for the next term’s negotiations.



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