At IBB, we support the implementation of BONSAI, advise on the optimization of the relevant business processes and solve  problems.  

We support the implementation of BONSAI along every step of the way.  We assist our clients with the conception, the project management and the in-house trainings. We then support the ongoing operation as part of our maintenance and support services.



The IBB service offer goes far beyond just the implementation of BONSAI. The package also includes trainings as well as “troubleshooting” and the ongoing development of the software.

Maintenance and Consulting

We at IBB are always on your side. We are happy to tackle any technical or business management  problems that you might face. Our support team has experience in implementing BONSAI and developing solutions to all common problems along the way.

We offer consulting for the design of efficient business processes for the management of supplier negotiations, the structured and audit proof recording of all purchasing conditions and rebates as well as fully integrated contract management.

We offer consulting for the design of efficient business processes for the calculation of rebate claims, fast and efficient settlement as well as increases in liquidity by settling claims throughout the year. Purchasing volume figures are automatically joined with the negotiated rebate agreements and all due claims are promptly generated and can be automatically invoiced to the supplier.

We offer consulting for the design of efficient solutions for rebate controlling and optimisation. Together with your team, we develop checklists and identify potential for optimisation. For example by providing a structured analysis of all stepped rebates or by providing tools for the calculation of net-net prices for each product.

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