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Rebate and claim management with BONSAI.

With more than 20 years experience IBB is an entrepreneurial Company and reliable partner working with domestic and international retail businesses.
Since IBB was founded it has developed into a specialist in national and international rebate management. IBB is one of the leading rebate specialists in the european market.


IBB doesn’t just provide you its standard software (BONSAI), developed from its vast business experience, but also supports its implementation, advises on the optimization of the relevant business processes. We can also customise our software should a business have any special requirements.

Integrated Rebate Management with BONSAI

Manage retrospective income and immediate discounts, increase your revenue and process efficiency and therefore make the purchasing process more transparent. BONSAI is the flexible and modular software solution for systemizing the complete rebate management process.

Settle rebate accruals with the optimal degree of accuracy

Strategic purchasing and the management of supplier relationships are crucial factors for the success of trading companies. In the area of retrospektive income it must be ensured that all agreements with the suppliers are settled correctly and that companies receive every penny that is due to them. With the support and automation that BONSAI offers, purchasing volume figures are automatically joined with the negotiated rebate agreements and all due claims are promptly generated and can be automatically invoiced to the supplier. This results in better liquidity for trading companies and the  tedious manual calculation and verification is not necessary.

Increase earnings by use of software

BONSAI is the flexible and modular solution for the systematization of the whole rebate management process. This supports the controlling and optimization of all rebate agreements in the company. The focus of the process is put on earning maximisation. The reorganization of the rebate management process with BONSAI results in an increase of revenue and more efficient controlling tools. BONSAI can easily be integrated into any existing IT infrastructure and can be adapted to the requirements of any company.

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